Saturday, December 22, 2012

random post lalalala

Yeah imma writing a post just to make my blog look not-so-dead *ahahaha*

Yesterday it's the so-called 世界末日 -.- *屁啦*
Behtahan with those ppl spamming my newsfeed nonstop with doomsday posts

It's winter solstice!!!汤圆才是王道!

Le me making tang yuan with red bean filling.
The purple dough is made of purple sweet potato,tasted really really good :D
I dapao some for Evelyn, she finished them very quickly, then blamed me for not bringing some more for her LOL

Miss Tortoise sent me a message last night
"Check your line."
She sent me a photo.

Special prize - 0612 >>> my birthday!!!

Last time we chat and joked randomly, I did mentioned bout the 4D thingy and asked her to buy my birthday date 0612 and guaranteed that the number is coming out.


None of us bought the number -.-
I could be a foreteller hahahaha

These days I'm busy hanging out with friends
Have been a 宅女 for weeks cuz most of my friends are busy working part-time/travelling/studying that it's sooooo hard to find someone to limteh with -.-
Photo credit to Miss Vincy 

Downloaded a new piano pieces! Leessang's "Turned off the tv"
Beautiful melody. Simply love it :D
Thanks to the guy who uploaded the piano sheets.
Feel so good when playing this song, now looking for more piano pieces of korean songs.
脾气最近很暴躁,需要音乐来纾解压力hahahahaha crapppp

Okay thatz all from me bye all.

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